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About Jennifer Ewing

Jennifer Ewing Jennifer Ewing’s passion for art began early. With her family’s encouragement, she attended children’s and teen art programs at the Chicago Art Institute, where her great grandfather had taught wood carving. While earning a B.A. degree at Monmouth College in Illinois, she developed her drawing and painting, and was introduced to sculpture, print making and art history. She has always worked within some aspect of art, including illustration, graphics and teaching.

Starting a mural and fine art business in 1989, Jennifer and her husband, Leo Germano create together, as Ewing & Germano.

Jennifer’s father, Paul Ewing, passed away in 2004. This event inspired her to begin “Spirit Boats” to honor his memory. The series grew in scope after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the death of her mother, Mary in 2007.

Since 2005, teaching art at various museums has invigorated her personal work. Jennifer’s studio and home is located in Developing Environments, an historic artists’ collective in San Francisco, CA.

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