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Spirit Boat Workshops

Totems for Tributes & Commemoration
for Families, Adults and Children

Workshop PeeWee Boat

Spirit Boat Making Workshops:

Boats are easy to make. You are guided step by step in an open ended process that invites healing and self expression.

Make art and surprise yourself in a supportive and grounded environment.

All Materials Supplied - No previous experience is necessary.

The three dimensional boats are made of plastic water bottles cut apart and re-connected. This shell is covered with stained tracing paper, glued down with gel medium and resembles an animal skin. Once the skin is on, the form can be pierced, tied, wrapped and decorated with personal items or various materials. Paper bags are also used to make canoes or kayaks.


Our Studio in San Francisco- Sign up- See our calendar for dates and times Individuals can drop in these monthly sessions


We bring the boatmaking to you- Groups require a comfortable place with light, one or two long tables, chairs and room for hands-on art making. If workshop is held outside of a 25 mile radius of San Francisco, the costs will be calculated by distance.

Boy Looking at Boats       Garage Group

Girl Hands On Boat       Girl Holding Boat

Hall Group 2       Kimball Group

Jennifer Ewing
Developing Environments
540 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Images appear courtesy of
Jennifer Ewing.
Photos by Leo Germano.

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